Zenodo I/O

Zenodio is a simple Python interface for getting data into and out of Zenodo, the digital archive developed by CERN. Zenodo is an awesome tool for scientists to archive the products of research, including datasets, codes, and documents. Zenodio adds a layer of mechanization to Zenodo, allowing you to grab metadata about records in a Zenodo collection, or upload new artifacts to Zenodo with a smart Python API.

We’re still designing the upload API, but metadata harvesting is ready to go.

Zenodio is built by SQuaRE for the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope. The code’s on GitHub.

Install Zenodio

Zenodio is runs on Python 3.4+. You can install the latest release via:

pip install zenodio

Or you can get the latest development version from GitHub:

pip install git+git://github.com/lsst-sqre/zenodio.git

Developers will want to read the Developer Guide.


Copyright 2015–2016 AURA/LSST

License: MIT.